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Founding President, Disciples Escoffier Hong Kong

The most pleasant taste-memories of Chef Jaakko Sorsa go back to his grandparents’ island located in one of Finland’s 187.888 lakes. This is where the local ingredients are the most natural and pure. Growing up by carefully watching Grandma Ida’s magic in turning freshwater fish, wild mushrooms, wild berries and game into the most delicious traditional dishes, it was logical for him to decide to begin the journey in the culinary field.

Jaakko started his culinary career 24 years ago apprenticing with Finnish and Swedish master chefs and gained a solid foundation of classic cooking skills. For years, he was in the chef team of the Presidential Palace of Finland, preparing dinners for official state visits.

Jaakko then became one of the keys in building up the success of the two Michelin-starred Chez Dominique in Helsinki. Before moving to Hong Kong he cooked in luxury hotels and resorts in Bermuda and Fiji-islands and was part of United Nations peacekeeping/crisis management forces in South Lebanon. 


In 2004 Jaakko arrived to Hong Kong to open FINDS, to introduce true Nordic flavours to Asia. FINDS kitchen follows the seasons of the north and its cooking highlights authentic preserving techniques, such as multiple forms of smoking, drying, curing and pickling. Many of the ingredients are personally sourced from the Northern region.


Recently Jaakko was invited to Tokyo to plan and prepare a modern Finnish dinner for Princess Takamado of Japan. Previous ‘royal experience’ includes private dinners for Crown Prince and Princess of Denmark, Princess of Sweden and The Royal Family of Saudi-Arabia.

In 2020 Shore Hospitality welcomed Jaakko Sorsa as Group Executive Chef. Jaakko is now at the helm leading culinary greatness at Shore Hospitality looking after the current 8 restaurants and concepts and developing a brand new one together with the team


Jaakko is widely known in Asia for his professional culinary skills and his passionate love for Nordic ingredients. Jaakko is a popular speaker at industry events and programs.

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